Beautiful, powerful and eye-watering…!
The Crossing  ‘pushes the boundaries of film and communication’

What would it ‘feel’ like to be trafficked? To have hope, frustration and ambition drive you to areas that you shouldn’t be in – to have all the affirmation of self that childhood implies to be denied?

The Crossing is the story of a young girl, trafficked to fuel a $150 billion black market economy. Her journey unfurls though interconnected screens and an immersive soundscape. The film plays out on a number of platforms (single, multi-screen galleries, wraparound 360 and interactive).

Defined as ‘adding an amazing piece of work to this battle against the worst of crimes’ and nominated for a number of awards.

The Crossing is a unique collaboration between, producer/director, Shreepali Patel, cinematographer, Nicola Daley ACS and The Helicopter Girls, one of the UK’s leading operators in drone filming.  The project’s patron is Emma Thompson, executive producer, Colin Burrows (Special Treats Production) and supported by the Cambridge School of Art, staff and students.

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